This is the beginning of a long list of organizations and events we proudly support. 

  • Calumet Sports Booster Club
  • Hancock Sports Boosters Club
  • Houghton Sports Boosters Club
  • Ducks Unlimited 
  • Omega House
  • Knights of Columbus 
  • Copper Dog 150
  • Keweenaw Community Foundation
  • Keweenaw Car Show
  • Calumet Lions
  • Michigan Sheriffs Association  
  • Houghton County Food Pantry
  • Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce 
  • UP Whitetails Association 
  • Copper Harbor Trails Club
  • Keweenaw ATV Club


Pictured: Ferdinand Peterlin Sr. 

  What defines a "good" company? With a loaded question like that the answers may vary from a good product to customer service and satisfaction. We believe it is a combination of these along with honesty, hard work, and dedication that will not only bring success to a company, but allow for mutually benificial business relationships to form.  Award winning service is what Peterlin Distributing is about. Originating from Baers Market the Peterlin Brothers began to see what they could do in the industry, leading to Peterlin Distributing that was started in 1939 by the three brothers Ferdinand, Roman, and John Peterlin. Peterlin Distributing continues to be a family owned and operated business. Peterlin Distributing was founded on the idea that quality products and exceptional customer service can, and should be provided to everyone. With the goal in mind, the first Peterlin Distributing warehouse was opened in Calumet Michigan along side the old railroad track just outside downtown. Over the years Peterlin Distributing has grown, evolved and is now beginning to optimize business operations in our 7 county reach. Throughout the decades we have navigated a constantly changing market and have been able to build ourself to what we are today; a wide reaching distribution center responsible for over half of the market share in overall beer. 

      Our family roots drive us everyday to make on time, quality product deliveries along with merchandising and sales services to streamline the process for our accounts. With over 75 years of experience we understand the way our market works, the ins and outs, dos and do nots that gives us an undeniable competitive advantage.

A RICH HISTORY OF family, Community, and business.

Peterlin Distributing