Peterlin Distributing

Beverage Wholesale Experts

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Our family roots drive us everyday to make on time, quality product deliveries. Along with merchandising and experienced sales service, we streamline the distribution portion of the three tier system, leaving our accounts with stress free product displays, resets and promotion earning us multiple Consumer awareness, Sales trends and management awards. 

Taking Pride in our work

Several times throughout the year we take part in community events that bring people together. Making memories and making friends as well as safe event practices are taken to heart. 

Our 1957 Ford firetruck restored and updated with a 24 keg cooler and 5 taps on each side. Often featured in our local events; this firetruck can extinguish any crowds thirst.

With over 75 years of experience we understand the way our market works, the ins and outs, dos and do nots that gives us an undeniable competitive advantage in our 7 county territory